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Administrative right confirmation litigation

To assist customers to deal with and remove obstacles in the process of acquiring trademarks, patents or other intellectual property rights, and to provide favorable support for the handling of rights protection cases.

Tort action

Trademark, patent, copyright and counterfeiting, commercial bribery, false publicity, infringement of trade secrets, commercial slander and other unfair competition disputes. Over the past ten years, we have handled a large number of rights protection litigation cases for our clients in the Yangtze river delta, pearl river delta, xiamen, fuzhou and other places. According to the specific situation of different cases and different regions, we have formulated targeted litigation strategies to win cases and achieve the best rights protection effect.

Criminal proceedings concerning intellectual property rights

Assist industry and commerce, public security, procuratorial departments to provide clues in case handling, find out criminal facts, investigate and collect evidence, and represent victims in court.


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