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Trademark popularity

Assist the enterprise to establish the brand management system, participate in the local level well-known trademark selection, cultivation, well-known trademark selection, cultivation, brand-name cultivation reward, establish the enterprise brand development goal.

  • Municipal famous trademark
  • Provincial famous trademark
  • China well-known trademark
  • Chinese Famous Brand
  • China Time-Honored brand

Qualification Certification

  • Franchise license
  • Value-added telecommunications service license(ICP)
  • Network culture operation license
  • Human resource service license
  • Commission of commercial performance permit
  • Auction business approval certificate
  • Labor dispatch permit
  • National high-tech certification
  • National high and new technology enterprises re-evaluation and identification
  • Mobile network information services (SP) license
  • Online data processing and trading services(EDI)license

Cross-border e-commerce solutions

Services include cross-border intellectual property rights, offshore companies, cross-border shopping malls, cross-border supply chains, automatic customs declaration, three orders against collision, cross-border parallel import compliance operations

  • United States trademark & patent
  • Eu trademark & patent
  • UK trademark & patent
  • German trademark & patent
  • Australian trademark & patent
  • Registration of American companies
  • Bank of America
  • Offshore companies are operating
  • Offshore company annual tax preparation
  • Legal support for cross-border operations
  • Intellectual property rights protection complaints
  • Infringement response and appeal






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