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Are you a legitimate company?

Our company is known as Qingdao jiancheng intellectual property agency co., LTD., which was established on March 14, 2008. The industrial and commercial registration number is 91370202671776547E. It is an enterprise registered and established according to law. Corporate information can be found on

Will you receive the invoice after the payment is completed?

Yes, our financial staff will invoice you when the payment arrives. Invoices can be sent as per your request.

How can I pay?

We have flexible and diverse payment channels. You can pay cash or transfer money through bank, alipay, WeChat, etc. For us dollar payment, you can also choose PayPal, WU, Payoneer, etc.

How do you send the relevant business documents?

We will send the scanned copy of relevant business documents to the customer online. The original is usually sent by EMS express.

Is the American trademark entrusted to you completed by a lawyer?

Yes, there are two stages for Chinese enterprises to handle trademark business in the United States: domestic and American. The domestic stage is handled by domestic professional intellectual property lawyers, while the American stage is handled by American lawyers. And from August 3, 2019, USPTO and TTAB related businesses in the United States must be handled by American lawyers.

What is the difference between (R) and TM on the label?

TM is the abbreviation of TRADEMARK, meaning "TRADEMARK". The registered or unregistered TRADEMARK in the United States is usually marked with TM, which does not necessarily refer to the registered TRADEMARK. The regulations for the implementation of the trademark law of our country stipulate that, in the use of a registered trademark, "registered trademark" or a registration mark may be marked on commodities, packages, instructions or other attached objects. The registration mark includes (" note "plus" x ") and (" R "plus" x "). The registration mark shall be marked on the upper right or lower right corner of the trademark. In China, the trademark in the application is traditionally marked with "TM", which only means the trademark (used to distinguish the source). No trademark without application can be marked with "TM".

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