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About US

About us

Founded in 2008


Qingdao Jiancheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd works hands in hands with numbers of counterparts and network partners which includes Intellectual property (IP), agents and legal law firms present worldwide. Qingdao Jiancheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd is committed to providing intellectual property services to clients from both small and medium-sized industries.

we work as a host and for national and international clients in the world.

J&C IP Agency also works for intellectual property protection for local and overseas businesses.

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Meet our attorneys

  • Kevin Kong

  • Jessica Ding

    Trademark Attorney
  • Amber Gao

    Senior Partner
  • Emily Dong

    Office Director
  • Kristina Hou

    Trademark Attorney
  • Yolanda Zhu

    Trademark Attorney
  • Jennifer Yan

    Trademark Attorney
  • Doreen Wen

    Trademark Attorney
  • Yang Zhang

    Trademark Attorney

What makes us Unique

To better serve our clients
Excellent Trademark Agency

Excellent Trademark Agency

May 1, 2012
Qingdao Name Brand

Qingdao Name Brand

December 15, 2014
Four-Star Trademark Agency

Four-Star Trademark Agency

April 18, 2014

Our Core Services



Trademark is any NAME, LOGO, SYMBOLS, SIGN or any combination thereof that uniquely identifies a company and its goods or services.


Patent refer to the NEW INVENTION which provides a NEW SOLUTION to a SPECIFIC PROBLEM in the field of technology.
Industrial Design

Industrial Design

An Industrial Design (ID) is defined as the VISUAL APPEARANCE or OUTLOOK of a finished article or product.


Copyright is an exclusive right given to the copyright owner to control the use of the works for a specific period of time.


IP Administrative Litigation actions;Damages and Losses collection actions on Copyright matters before Civil and Judicial Courts

Our Core Values

  • Present to solve your IP issues.

    Qingdao Jiancheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd position its self as chinese leading intellectual law firm providing legal help and counseling to our clients, correspondents and associated that are imaginative, innovative, honest and cost-effective.
  • We are hard to forget.

    Qingdao Jiancheng Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd is here to provides remunerative services in the field of Intellectual Property. Ensuring absolute client satisfaction and maintaining the firm reputation as China’s leading Intellectual Property Law firm.
  • Smart solution for the smart world.

    ● We treat and respect our employees and clients as our family.
    ● We exist only because of our clients and partners.
    ● Ethical practices and honesty is the foundation of J&C IP Agency.
    ● J&C IP Agency believes in absolute customer satisfaction and contentment.

where we are

Room 1601, Parkson Business Center Building
No.44-60, Zhongshan Road
Qingdao, 266001, China

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member of

  • 国际商标协会
  • 国际保护知识产权协会
  • 中华商标协会

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